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Spring 2019

Chef Connie Beale



About Our Classes

Adult Classes Age 18+

Do you have a date or spouse to impress? We have the best recipe to spice up your next night out.

If your single, break the ice by cooking side-by-side with singles in your area. 

Are you looking for an effective way to bond with friends or family? Come join us for an unforgettable night. 

Are your up for a challenge? We invite you to release your inner-chef and join a throw-down competition. 

Cooking 101's chefs will be on hand to guide you step-by-step through your cooking adventure.


Little Chefs Age 6 to 12 

Become the next top Chef!

This class is design to familiarize children with diverse foods, develop healthy eating habits, culinary basics, kitchen safety, knife skills, table etiquette, building self confidence, and creativity.

Teen Class Age 13 to 18 

Master your culinary skills! 

Teen chefs will create their own meals, they will be introduced to a wide verity of cooking methods and culinary fundamentals, knife skills, proper food headlining, temperature control, and nutrition. 


Events for every occasion: Birthday Parties, Business Networking, Family Readiness Groups, Military Events, Cooking Throw-Down Competitions, Holiday Parties, Reunions, Family Fun, Baby & Bridal Shower, Boys & Girls Scouts, College Prep, Knife Skills, Special Diet, Nutrition, etc.

What better way to celebrate family and friendships, than with a wooden spoon in your hand, good food and laughter. 

Schedule your next event, create wonderful memories, while mastering your culinary skills.  


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